Events and Workshops

Exciting real life events you can join.


It’s time to get into action and create momentum. Now.
How do you want your life to be?


Join us on some special events that will get you out of the treadmill and open your eyes to new opportunities.


Find out what makes your heart sing, your eyes shine and your future look bright and wonderful.

Your LifeQuest

You want to live your DreamLife. And you CAN live your DreamLife. But how do you get from A (your somewhat messy and unfulfilling life now) to B (your dreamlife)?
It’s totally possible if you’re willing to jump right in.
And you can start NOW.
Decide it’s time. Look at your past (that might hurt). Look very good (your Timeline). Then look at your future. Oh wait, there is no future yet. That means one thing: you can CREATE your future. What are your dreams (your Bucketlist)?
And how can you make those dreams a REALITY (your Life Adventure)?
It won’t always be easy, but I promise you, if you do what it takes (!), you’ll get there.

Your Timeline

Your life didn’t just start yesterday. It started at a certain point in time and from that moment on you learned about the world, the time you were living in, the people around you and how you were supposed to live your life so you would fit in and survive. And congratulations! You did a great job. You survived it all.

Now how did your life unfold? What decades have you been living in? And how did it take you from the day you were born to this moment in time?

Create your DreamLife

Where do you begin?

Your Bucketlist

Experiences, relationships, skills, sports, travel, the house you want to live in, the people you want to meet, the good things you want to do in this world and the person you want to be. All your dreams and desires exist inside of you, in the back of your mind, waiting to one day maybe become a reality. Or not.

One thing is certain, if you don’t start making your dreams a reality, they will just stay dreams. Or worse, they will be forgotten. Forever.
What are your dreams? What are you hiding inside yourself?

Start now!

Create a vision, a plan and massive momentum

Your Life Adventure

Dreaming and thinking is one thing. Planning and preparing is another. But doing is what really matters. Only then will you find out what it’s all about, how it works in reality. If it’s as good as you thought it would be or if it doesn’t go well with you at all. Can you do what it takes? Are you able to overcome your lifelong obstacles?


Create a vision, a plan and massive MOMENTUM!